It Started With A Dream

Starting in a shed talking to an invisible audience Chad Radio began from Chad's passion for DJing. Chad always wanted his own radio station but unfortunately the cost and scope of that kind of dream was far beyond anything he could ever do. In 2008 Chad starting working for WOAK Radio as a volunteer DJ. The people at WOAK helped him to start his own online radio station shortly after starting there. launched in 2007 and has become a popular station for Chad's many friends and family to listen to. Chad's passion for radio and country music has made ChadRadio a one of a kind station that only the internet could make possible.

Today Chad is still in that shed but now he has a real live audience. His love for DJing is still as strong as ever and when he's not working at WOAK, helping at the nursing home, or spending time with his friends and family he's hovered over his computer playing country music for anyone who will click on.